Logical Things Designs, Builds and Hosts Microsites, Landing Pages, Eblasts and Whatever Comes Next

Whether you’re a 400 lb. gorilla or just a baby chimp, Logical Things can help you develop a successful marketing strategy that targets your customers where they live and breathe. We’re a full-service shop utilizing the most effective and appropriate media for your audience—be it email marketing, microsites and landing pages, social media and whatever comes next.

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We can design and build your marketing campaign from the ground up and track the results to show how each channel performs—tweaking and fine tuning all along the way to squeeze the most out of your marketing dollars. We’ve been trusted with some of the biggest brands across all industries and have a stable of satisfied, repeat customers to show for it.

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We Rock Your Brand—Not Your Budget

We are dedicated to your brand and your message and make it the focus of our creativity and approach. We pride ourselves on keeping the overhead low and the productivity high, maintaining good customer relations, and sticking to our timelines. No, these aren’t original ideas, but they’re the best ones we’ve heard of.


We’re Copasetic

We strictly adhere to web standards when designing and building your website, which saves us time and you money. Not sure what that means? Just think of web standards as the structure of your website. You wouldn’t hang new sheet rock if all you wanted was to paint the living room, right? Adherence to web standards ensures that your website will not only display correctly in today’s browsers but also be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. It also means you won’t have to pay big bucks when it comes time to redesign.

And, while there’s still no such thing as email standards, Logical Things is committed to delivering an email marketing campaign that will reach the majority of your customers’ in-boxes (not their SPAM folders!) looking the best it can. Those emails are still by-far the most effective use of your marketing dollars and also the most trackable and quantifiable! Wanna hear more about this? Give us a hollar!